Little Jimmys Italian Ice


Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice is a frozen dessert that everyone loves. Our Italian ice contains no dairy, fat or high fructose corn syrup. We offer entrepreneurs a start up package that includes 40 5-gallon cans of our Italian Ice, a pushcart with logo graphics and umbrella, supplies, and delivery to most US destinations, all for $4,495.00. That includes enough supplies to generate over $12,000 in sales!!

Everyone is looking for something new to help supplement their income. Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice is a fun and profitable new business that you can run with your family. Plan now to get yourself ready for next season with Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice. We are already arranging shipments upcoming Italian Ice season.

Our Italian Ices are available in 20 different flavors- you can find a list of all of our Italian Ice flavors here.

The best way that we can convey to you about our Italian ice and Pushcarts are real examples of our customers that have been operating their own business – here are some videos and stories from our site you can view

Give us a call at 800 763 4348 and discuss your business plans with us for the upcoming year. When you call us, we can go everything that’s needed to get yourself started with your own Little Jimmy’s Italian ice Pushcart.

Visit Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice on the web and check out all we have to offer and sign up on our site by E-Registering and we will send you all the prices of our Italian Ices and Pushcarts. Include Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice for you business plans for next year by giving us a call at 800 763 4348.

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