Wakaya Perfection


Wakaya Perfection’s success comes from its high impact and high status nutritional products with a new ground-breaking compensation plan that will disrupt the traditional compensation model. Combining new and old-fashioned compensation principles, Wakaya Perfection’s compensation plan puts the compensation in the hands of those closest to the customers. Despite having 14 different bonuses and commissions in its compensation plan, Wakaya Perfection’s system is simple and straightforward. As a Wakaya Perfection Independent Business Ambassadors you will enjoy commissions of between 10% and 38% of the purchase price on customer sales as well as shared commissions of between 4% and 22% of the purchase price on customer sales generated by other distributors in their group, as well as a myriad of achievement based perks, such as car bonuses, championship rings, and luxury cruises. Wakaya Perfection was founded by David H. Gilmour, founder of FIJI Water, and health and wellness advocate. The naturally harvested organic ginger, turmeric, sea salt and more, indigenous to the island of Wakaya, is hand-cultivated in virgin volcanic soil solely for its purity and multi-faceted rejuvenating properties that naturally enhance the quality of lives. Wakaya Perfection products have been distributed through luxury hotels, resorts, fine-dining establishments and luxury department stores and are now marketed by Wakaya Perfection Independent Business Ambassadors. Begin your path to paradise by visiting http://hansenb.mywakaya.com/ and sign up to be selected as an elite Ambassador in this multi-million dollar company today.

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